About IHM Seminary

Behold how good and how splendid it is where brothers dwell as one. - Psalm 133


How do I apply to IHMS?

To apply to IHMS please contact the Vocation Director for your diocese, as all admissions must go through them. You can find the Vocation Director’s contact information on your Diocesan website or on our Diocesan Vocation Directors page.

How many men study at IHMS?

The number of men studying here at IHMS changes a little each year, but we typically have around 50 seminarians each year. Approximately a third of the men who attend IHMS go on to become priests.

What do you study as a seminarian at IHMS?

Working with St. Mary’s University of Minnesota we aim to provide a complete, well-rounded education for the men here. They receive Catholic-based liberal arts education at SMUMN, with a focus on Philosophy. At the Seminary the men receive more education to grow in their faith and help them in their discernment process. For more information please see our Academics and Formation Program pages.

How do seminarians prepare for priesthood?

In addition to the academic course work, seminarians participate in a full schedule of spiritual activities, including daily Mass, Liturgy of the Hours (Morning and Evening prayer), spiritual direction and retreats. The seminarians also prepare for the future pastoral ministry in various settings, such as schools, religious education programs, hospitals and parishes.

How much does it cost to attend IHMS?

Each diocese has their own way for helping the seminarians from their diocese, and the amount of tuition assistance that each diocese gives varies greatly. For the most accurate estimate of how much it would cost for you to attend, please contact your Vocations Director.

Do I have to be certain that I want to become a priest to become a seminarian?

No, you do not have to be 100% certain you wish to become a priest to attend IHMS. Part of the process of discernment is to help you figure out if priesthood is the path God is calling you to. While you do need to be open and interested in becoming a priest, you do not need to be certain of your vocation.

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