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PROGRAM Academics

All of the seminarians who attend IHMS work towards the IHM Seminary Philosophy Major, B.A.. This major is focused around giving the seminarians all of the requirements necessary for later theological study. It will also give the seminarians a knowledge of major philosophical movements in history, a deeper ability to form and evaluate logic-based arguments, as well as a solid understanding of the philosophy used by St. Thomas Aquinas.

The courses that must be taken to receive this degree are:

all of the following:

PH102 Logic
PH253 History of Ancient Philosophy: Thales-Aristotle
PH300 Moral Theory
PH345 Philosophy of the Person
PH354 History of Medieval Philosophy: Augustine-Ockham
PH355 History of Modern Philosophy: Bacon-Hegel
PH358 History of 19th and 20th Century Philosophy: Kierkegaard-Wittgenstein
PH360 Epistemology
PH400 Metaphysics
PH402 Senior Thesis
PH410 The Philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas

+ two additional philosophy courses

Besides the philosophy major, other courses that are deemed necessary for the formation of the seminarians are required for graduation. These courses are chosen to help the men at IHM be better positioned to understand the history and context of scripture.

These courses include:

all of the following:

L101 Beginning Latin 1 or L141 Basic Latin 1
L102 Beginning Latin 2 or L142 Basic Latin 2
TH111 Thinking Theologically
TH210 Introduction to the Old Testament
TH220 Introduction to the New Testament


Seminarians are also able to pursue other academic pursuits while attending IHMS. Being at St. Mary’s University of Minnesota and engaging in the large number of liberal arts courses available here gives the men an excellent opportunity to broaden their horizons. All of this is encouraged in the pursuit of cultivating the gifts God has given them.

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